Welcome to PT Intibumi Alumindotama Industry


Aluminium nowadays is the optimum choice of man-kind. It is a vital source of strength in almost all fields which touches all aspects of modern human lives, from most normal daily products to wide range of industrial fields. Aluminium offers a good adaptability to drawing and bending needs. This metal is proven to be an excellent material applications in cooking wares, canning, converting, household, pharmaceutical, packaging, lighting, electrical and other applications.

Our aluminium rolled plant is an extension of PT DAMAI ABADI. Established in 1992 with a conventional casting and cold rolling line, current facility is located in Medan, North Sumatra. PT Intibumi Alumindotama Industry plant compromises all stages of down stream aluminum production process such as melting, casting, scalping, homogenize, reheating, hot rolling, cold mill, annealing, coil stretching, coil slitting, sheet cutting, circle blanking and foil rolling.

Our products have been actively serving the domestic and international market, reaching into almost every area of modern life style with high quality products.


  • Aluminium Sheet, Plate and Coil Product
  • Aluminium Shearing and Slitting Product
  • Aluminium Thread plate/ Borders Product
  • Aluminium Fin Stock / Air Condition
  • Aluminium Circle Product
  • Aluminium Foil Product

Main Client:

  • Cookware Appliances Manufacturer
  • Home and Industrial Electrical Appliances Manufacturer
  • Insulation Appliances Manufacturer
  • Household Appliances Manufacturer
  • Industrial Packaging Appliances Manufacturer
  • Aluminium Foil Container Appliances Manufacturer
  • Many more…